Help At Home

Exclusive to Neighbors of Waterbury


Thinking about a new laptop, desktop, a new monitor? What about backing up your important information? What is the Cloud anyway? Get Expert Advice and Help Today!


Having trouble with your wifi connections? Too much buffering? You know that round circle thing that keeps spinning? Get Expert Advice and Help Today!

Smart Phones

So, you are thinking about that new SmartPhone right? What do you get, the Iphone 7, 8, 9 10? The Samsung? Worried about a fire in your pocket! Get Expert Advice and Help Today!

Your Neighbor for Experienced Expert Advise and Help

Hello Neighbors! Some of you may already know me. I have helped some in our neighborhood and in Dell Webb with practical advice and hands on assistance with all types of technology. Perhaps you could also use my advice and assistance.

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